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Hello everyone.

I've been playing around with various things and have come up with a simple way of getting the effect that's popular at the moment where an image looks like it's being held over a mirror. So I thought I'd share it in case other people might like to use it.

I've attached a graphic showing the major stages so you can see the process working.

You'll need to know a little about how to use Scribus as I won't be giving a click-by-click account but it's all just basic stuff.

1. Draw an image frame and put an image in it. A round - or other non-rectangular image - seems to work best. [Stage A]
2. Duplicate the image frame.
3. Move the new image just under the original image.
4. Use the "X, Y Z" section of the Properties palette to flip the frame vertically (up-down blue arrows). [Stage B]
5. Make sure the rotated image is set to "Free Scaling" and set the "Y-Scale" to a low value (around 30% of original looks okay but you can experiment).
6. Resize the rotated frame to only encompass the new smaller image. [Stage C]
7. With the rotated image selected, go to menu "Item -> Image Effects".
8. Add a "Curves" effect.
9. In the Options box set the interpolation of the curve to Linear (click the curve icon so it becomes a sawtooth).
10. Click a point in the middle of the curve and drag it to the far left and three-quarters of the way up the box. [Stage D]
11. Okay the dialog and move the "mirrored" image as required for the best effect. [Stage E]

And that's it. All without using Gimp or another image tool.
Obviously you can play around with the settings at each stage to get the exact effect you want.

It might look like a long drawn-out process but it's simple really, and once you've done it a couple of times it'll be second nature.

I hope this helps someone to get the effect they want.


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Have you first consulted the Manual? You can probably find the solution there.

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