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When trying to figure out what font I want in my layout, it sure would be helpful if there were a preview pane for the font cuz I don't have hundreds of different fonts mapped in my head. Does anyone know how to see a preview of the fonts when changing/picking fonts for use in text frames?


I'd personally recommend using a font manager for this kind of thing.

They allow you to group your fonts into "families", e.g. Rounded Fonts, Handwriting, Spooky, Futuristic, etc. They also give you previews and all sorts of other "fonty goodness".

It can take some time depending on how many fonts you have - for hundreds it can take a few hours  - but once it's done it'll save you a whole boat-load of time in the future. (And you'll probably see fonts that you never even knew existed on your machine that give you ideas for other projects.)

Font managers are usually very small applications so they don't take up much extra memory if you've got one running along with Scribus.

On OS X you can use "Font Book" (installed as standard in Applications).

For Windows and Linux I'm sure there are loads of similar applications and someone else will be able to advise better in those cases.

A search for "free font manager" will give you more options than you can shake a stick at (please don't shake sticks in enclosed spaces :)).


Hi Donna

I have one included in Scribus 1.4.2. Under Extras towards the bottom.

As Font Manager for Linux I recommend «Fiontmatrix» which is in many Repos.
Have you first consulted the Manual? You can probably find the solution there.

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