crashing while converting into pdf

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I created a 20 pages documents with many images in .pdf (30 to 50).
When I tried to convert it to pdf, it crashed every time with that message:
"Plantage de scribus à cause de l'exception EXECEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"

I desperately need this doc in .pdf.

can anyone help??



Hello Nico,
I am a newbie too but I am sorry your question is not being answered.

I only get crashes with script#11 meaning I have done too much work without saving :'(.

If you are still having the same problem, here is something I would try:
- of course you saved this document in Scribus first, yes?

Can you export one page - either as a PDF or as a drawing (for example .png)?

If you can do this, you could export each page one at a time. 

Maybe this 'access error' is triggered by a specific page.  Maybe there is a picture or imported text with some kind of restriction or error. 

If the error only happens because of one page, you can change things on that page, or delete it and create it again.

If you can export each page with no problems, you could potentially attach them together again using a different program, and make your PDF.

It would be useful if someone with more experience can point out what the 'access error' means, or where to look it up.