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How can I get an image to flow with associated text rather than have the text flow around the image?  If I can do this, large text sections could at a later date be added ahead of the image  in that chapter and the image would follow that associated text and not get misplaced in the book.

I am writing a book as a one-step process--The first draft will be typeset as it is written.  When this draft is done, it will be gone through for obvious errors and then printed and bound in a small quantity for review by peers.

I'm a beginner with Scribus.
Windows XP Pro 32-bit
Scribus 1.4.1


Scribus does not yet have a good way to anchor an image to a location in the text.


Thank you for that info. I'm afraid that's a deal killer for me.  I've heard InDesign can do that.  I'll look into it on one of those forums. :)


I found an applicable post for InDesign at

Below is an excerpt. Can this technique work with Scribus?

"To make an image flow with the text, you have to actually insert the image into the text frame, as though it were a type character. You do this by selecting the image with the Selection tool and cutting or copying it to the clipboard (Edit > Cut or Copy). Then you switch to the Type tool, click an insertion point in the destination text frame, and paste it in (Edit > Paste).

"The image comes in as what's called an "anchored object" because it's anchored to an insertion point in the text flow.  As you edit the text or change its frame dimensions, the image moves with the text flow accordingly."


No, Scribus does not yet have support for "anchor points". You can paste inline images into a text frame but the image will stay "in the text" (just like a character).


Is there a way to check if this feature will be developed or not.  I have the exact same question:,991.0.html