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I'm using Scribus 1.4 on windows 7 using a portable apps installation.  I want to use a startup script but can't apply the path and specified python file in the preferences in scribus.  I check apply exit the dialog box and then return to the preferences but the startup script field is empty.  Any ideas?

Other preferences once applied are stored correctly.



Hi tray,

If you could please post the script you'd like to use, I can look into this for you. Also, if you could test if this behaviour works the same in an installed copy of Scribus on Win 7, I would appreciate it.



I have tried to run a script through the scripter in 1.4.1, and have discovered the following:

  • The startup script is correctly saved in prefs140.xml
  • When launching Scribus Portable on Windows, with the script listed as the startup script, Scribus crashes with the dialog
    QuoteScribus crashes due to the following exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  • If I manually remove the script from prefs140.xml, Scribus loads normally.
  • Note that I do not have Python installed on this system, which may be part of the problem. However, if there is an Environment Variable I can set to direct Scribus to Python's path on Windows, I can gladly test if it works in that case.
  • Also note that I am in the process of testing the same on a clean Windows machine, using an installed copy of Scribus as a comparison.

[Edit 2]

I have tested this behaviour on a clean Windows machine with an installed copy of Scribus, and have had the same problem. As a result, I have filed a bug report for the issue, as it is a bug within Scribus, not within the PortableApps package. See here for the bug: