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Scribus refuses to allow updating of modified images


Not sure why, but whenever I modify an image outside of Scribus, I have to repeat the "Get image..." procedure.
The "Item -> Update image" is ALWAYS grayed out.
Scribus obviously knows the image has been modified as it replaces the image with a red X box, yet update image is not available.
What's going on?

I am running Scribus Version 1.4.1.svn on Ubuntu 12.10

Made a new discovery...
Images WILL auto-update when modified.. but ONLY the first time image is modified... all subsequent modifications of the image results in the red X box.

Just worked out that this problem only occurs with large hi-res images (about 2mb or larger).

I don't get the problem at all with small files (around 200K etc.)

It has been suggested to me by someone in IRC that this could be a problem specific to the ubuntu version.
I will try building Scribus from source when I have time another day.
Happy New Year!


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