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Hi all!

I'm almost finished with my Master's Thesis in Media Technology: "Can free software replace proprietary software for graphic production? Proving that free software can be used for book and magazine production."

Well, a thesis might be good but not that useful unless backed up with something else. So...

27th of December 2012

The Swedish media company Oscillator proudly presents Libre Graphics Production (

Libre Graphics Production is about making free software and technology for graphic production work together.

- I felt that although there are a lot of guides describing how to use GIMP, Scribus and Inkscape, there was nothing describing how to make them all work together. How to create a proper color managed workflow, how to do proofing and what file formats to use, says Staffan Melin, owner of Oscillator and main author of the site.

At Libre Graphics Production you will find a tested set of instructions for making your own book or other graphic project using free, open source, software. The ambition is to provide a starting point for working with the open source "creative suite", mainly Scribus, GIMP and Inkscape.

This site is built around a recommended workflow for graphic production. For each step we present the desired functionality, the recommended software, the file formats and tutorials. Additionally, this site also presents free tools for working with graphic production with links to documentation and tutorials. You will also find more free resources.

This workflow has successfully been used to produce both a book and a magazine.

For more information, contact

Staffan Melin
+46 (0)70 4876 250




Much helpful information packed in a useful way.