Install failed on Windows 8, and will not uninstall nor re-install

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I have Windows 8, 64 bit.  I installed Scribus 1.4.2 64-bit onto my PC.  I think it rebooted my PC after the installation (not sure, it was yesterday) which was unexpected.

Today, when I try to start Scribus, I will get the splashscreen, but nothing else.  There is no Scribus task running when I view TaskManager.  Nothing else happens.

I thought I would try re-installing it, but it told me it was already installed, so I need to uninstall it first.

But I can't uninstall it.  There's no entry for it in Programs and Features, and there is no uninstall option provided in the Start menu/screen.

I tried using a Microsoft Fixit at to uninstall Scribus, but it wants to know the 38-character product code for Scribus.

What can I do to get this working, or off my PC?


I don't have windows 8, but assuming you can do this, do a system restore to a date prior to scribus install, do a search for any folder names scribus and remove. Agent Ransack is an excellent search utility with regular expression options. There doesn't seem to be a problem with 64 bit scribus install on windows 7 and there is no restart after install.
Seems like you've given me another reason to be happy for opting for windows 7 professional on my recent Dell purchase.