Limited text colors?

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After downloading the latest scribus version (1.4.1) I find that there are only a few text colors available from Properties>Text. There are several different blacks, but only six basic colors. Have I missed a setting somewhere?


Yes, you have probably missed Edit->Colors.

You can create any color you want. You can import color sets. You can also (in the setup) change the default color set to another set.


Thanks for the speedy reply :)

"Scribus is shipped with a huge collection of useful color sets"
It is not obvious from the "Edit>Colors>Import" where this "huge collection" is located. Can you give me a hint?


Well, it looks like I can import color sets, but only in a new document.
I can create and name a new color in an existing document, but the "huge collection" seems to be only available in a new document :(


You can import colours to any document from another document through "Edit -> Colors", clicking "Import" then selecting the document with the colours in it. However, of course, if you don't have another Scribus document to import from you can't really do this.

But, you can also import colour sets the same way but by selecting an installed swatch EPS or XML file instead. On Macs these are to be found in /Applications/ and a good one with lots of well-named colours is X11.xml but just use one that's good for you. (I believe these swatch files are the collection of colours quoted.)

Someone else should be able to tell you where these files are on Windows and Linux etc.

I'm not sure if this is the "official" way of doing it but it works for me.

To make things easier in the future you could import the colours you like into a blank document, then save this document to somewhere handy. Then, when you need the colours, just import the colours from that document.

I hope this helps (and maybe someone else can suggest a better way of doing this at some point).


hello jimberry

you can select one of the color sets under: 'edit' → 'colors' as long as there is no open .sla file. this selection will be the default for all new files.
if you always use the same colors, you may prefer to build your own color set. for this you create a new file, generate all the colors you need (with: 'edit' → 'colors' → 'new' or with: 'extras' → 'color wheel'.) if you save this file, you can import your own color set (either in to an existing file or as your new standard set, if there's no file open while importing...)