Spot colours and UV coating

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Preparing a document for printing I would like to convert a logo, which is completely white, into an image, in which the white colour is replaced with a spot colour "lack" (for UV coating).

I added this colour "lack" to the colour space (Edit > Colours).

I tried to do this outside of Scribus (in GIMP), but the imported image doesn't display anything, maybe because I chose the wrong file format. Is there a way to achieve this in Scribus directly?


I don't know what format your original logo is in but if you can get it into a PNG with transparency (a combination of Inkscape and/or GIMP will probably do this depending on file format) you could try the following in Scribus:

1. Create the image frame.
2. Put the image with the white logo in the frame.
3. Right-click the frame and select "Image Effects".
4. Select "Invert" and click ">>" to add the effect (this inverts the white logo to black).
5. Select "Colourise" and click ">>" to add this new effect.
6. In the "Options" box select the new colour you added.
7. Click "OK".

Your white logo should now be the colour you created.

This probably isn't the best way of doing what you want (depending on image format, output quality, print method, etc. etc.) but it's a simple method for simple requirements. Maybe someone else reading this can come up with a better way; I'd be interested in knowing it for my own work.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit.

P.S. I've attached two screenshots which show the before (in GIMP) and after (in Scribus).

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Thanks, that's working well. I also just found another workaround by importing my image as SVG. In Edit > Replace colours... the white I want to replace appears as "#ffffff SVG...". Curiously only black and white from my SVG file can be replaced, so I don't know what happens, when one imports multiple SVG files, but it works for me in any case. Many thanks again.