controlling an object's dimension by moving a text-frame (moving together)

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hi all,
great work!!
I am new in Scribus, so forgive me for any big mistakes...   ::)

I have installed Scribus 1.4.0
I am trying to make a template for personal use, to make explanations of parts of a text. I tried to do this using text-frames and a Shape (from the menu Insert>Insert Shape>Default Shapes).

Having grouped the two objects (shape and text-frame), I can move the two of them, but not move the frame and change the dimensions of the shape, which I would like!

Is there a way to change the position of just on side of the Shape, by moving the text-frame near it?
In other words, is there a way changing the position of one side of an object (part of a group of two objects - shape and frame) by moving the other object of the group!!

Maybe I am in the wrong way and what I want to do doesn't suit with the objects that I use! correct me in this please...

I attached a screenshot to make me clear... the upper side of the selected shape is the one I want to move according to the move of the frame above it...

Forgive me for my English.... I gave my best   :)
and thanx for your help

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hi alex,

if i understand correctly what you're trying to do, this will be possible in scribus 1.6 (cf. welding).

for now, you'd probably best put the items in the scrapbook, and "align and distribute" to keep the correct distances... (or guides...)