Ticket auto-numbering question

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I have Scribus I would like to print tickets (10 per page so as to use business card paper stock), and have Scribus fill in the ticket numbers from 1 to 600 automatically upon printing.

I found reference to a method using several Master Pages that works for numbers less than 100, but I don't think it could be made to work with 100-999 without a lot more Master Pages involved (and increasing the manual labour part involved with numbering).

I also found a link to a Python script for autonumbering, but that only fills in the numbers in my Scribus text boxes AFTER the script's printing runs (...the print output has no numbers in it).   :o

Perhaps someone has developed a working method for automatically numbered tickets for v (Windows version/Ubuntu version)?


Did you try the method for numbers >99?

The symbol for page number is just one character (#), but that character expands to the page number even if the page number is more than 1 digit.


a/ use 1.4.x
b/ in 1.3.3.x you need to add one page number character (which is shown as a # but is not a #) per digit.


The suggestion helped (re: - Ubuntu 10.04). I need to use three master pages to print up to 999 pages though, because the page number character only changes per page, not per ticket on each page. So, master page one has tickets manually numbered 1-10, master page two has each of the 10 tickets with a page number character followed by one number of 0 through 9, and master page three has each of the 10 tickets with  two page number characters followed by one number of 0 through 9. This allows the 10 tickets per page to have unique numbers.

At home, I have windows 1.4x version - I'll check out the page numbering behaviour there vs the Linux system.


Using WIndows v 1.4x, I can confirm that I just need two master pages to create all the numbered tickets.

I'm hoping that v 1.5x might provide an additional autonumbering capability that does not rely on using the page number - then I could use just one master page.