Consecutive Numbering

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   I'm a new user, and am wondering if there is a script for numbering things like tickets and passes. I'm working on a project that has ten tickets per page, and I don't feel like setting up the numbering machine for only 75 tickets. I'm trying to find a way to set up multiple numbers on one page without typing every one of them in. I'm a printer, so I don't know anything about programming or writing scripts. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated since I do a lot of numbering.

Dawn in Wyoming


If there are ten tickets on each page you can easily solve it by using the page number feature.

The first ticket on the page gets number "<page>0", the second "<page>1" etc.

In the section setup you can set the starting page number to something else than 1, if you set the starting page to 4711 you will get tickets numbered: 47110, 47111, 47112, 47113 etc

I'd create the tickets on a Master Page, that way you only need to set the starting page number and insert empty pages to "fill" the document with tickets.

(If there had been any other number than 10 tickets on each page it would have been harder.)



Can your method be modified to work with tickets up to 999? I regularly print out 500 tickets, and your method would only seem to work for up to 99.


Page numbers can be larger than 9. There is however no good way to get leading zeros.