Osx Sidebar?

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Love Scribus. Brilliant open source program.

Just wondering. Will the normal OS X sidebar be implemented anytime?
It's would really speed up file handling!



Hello Erik.

If it's the sidebar in Finder windows (where you can keep your favourite folders) that you're missing in the Scribus file dialog then I've just today reported this as an issue in Mantis http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=11170

The dialog currently allows you to drag folders to the "sidebar" but it doesn't keep the list between operations (it just forgets what you've dragged there the next time you open it). So it has partial functionality but it's not quite useful enough to be a real time-saver.

Maybe this is just a feature I don't know how to use properly but it doesn't seem right to me, and I couldn't find anything in the preferences, help or wiki. Maybe I'm just not doing things right?

I have no idea if this is an issue in any other operating systems as I only use Scribus on OSX.

I'm hoping that this will just be a simple "click here and here and it's fixed" type of thing. Scribus has so much functionality it's sometimes easy to get lost in it all, especially when you don't use it every day.




If you have a look at the notes towards the bottom of the Mantis link I gave above you'll see that, if I've understood correctly, the problem with the sidebar is a Qt issue rather than a Scribus problem so we'll have to wait until someone on the Qt team fixes that. Then there'll probably be a delay until the Scribus team start using that fixed version of Qt.

So it's a tiny bit of a shame but it doesn't stop me using Scribus and I hope it's the same with you. I'm not going to let a little thing like that get in the way of me using one of the most useful bits of software I've got loaded on my machine.