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Hi all
I just spent several hours creating a 60 pages photo book. When I try to reopen this document, Scribus stall.
What could be the problem? memory?
Thanks for your help

hi devillar

might be memory related – what's your ram size? how 'heavy' are the photos?
try to open it with low resolution preview ('file' → 'preferences' → 'tools' → 'image frame properties' → 'low resolution preview')
or without displaying the images (uncheck: 'file' → 'preferences' → 'display' → 'show images').

if nothing helps, upload the .sla file (without images, fonts and profiles) – i'll check then if i can open it…


I went for a walk and now it seems to work fine. It just take some time to open....

If you embed/link large images, it takes a while for Scribus to load all elements.

Besides that, taking a nice walk in fall is always an excellent way to reload your 'batteries'.  ;D

Yesterday I opened a document - an image magazine - with 138 pages and large photographs. On my 5 year old iMac it took around 5 minutes until everything was open and ready to be edited. I guess that's because Scribus needs to virtually import the images, and based on the size of the images, it might take a while. But rest assured - InDesign needs the same amount of time for 'linked' and 'embedded' images.


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