DMG vs. package installer

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Scribus download for Mac offers an option to choose either a DMG or a package installer. What is the difference?


One way to think about this, in general, is that:
* a DMG is a Disk iMaGe; opening one is like inserting a CD, floppy disk, or USB stick. These normally contain a single application which you just drag to your Applications folder, then eject the DMG like any other removable media.
* a PKG is a PacKaGe installer; these can (but don't have to) contain more than one application. You can think about using these as a bit like using the Setup.exe files on Windows - they copy files and can do some other installation functions.

DMGs are generally more intuitive to use; i.e. open, drag, eject.

PKGs allow the developer to get more information from the user during the installation process, i.e. show licence agreement; get installation destination; define which bits to install; etc.

Essentially they both allow application installation but in different ways. Anyone offering both is just giving people more installation options. All said, if you want things to be simple, use the DMG.

P.S. This is a very simplistic description. If you want more there'll be loads of information on other websites.