Impossible to open Scribus document

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Hi all
I just spent several hours creating a 60 pages photo book. When I try to reopen this document, Scribus stall.
What could be the problem? memory?
Thanks for your help


hi devillar

might be memory related – what's your ram size? how 'heavy' are the photos?

try to open it with low resolution preview ('file' → 'preferences' → 'tools' → 'image frame properties' → 'low resolution preview')
or without displaying the images (uncheck: 'file' → 'preferences' → 'display' → 'show images').

if nothing helps, upload the .sla file (without images, fonts and profiles) – i'll check then if i can open it...



I went for a walk and now it seems to work fine. It just take some time to open....


If you embed/link large images, it takes a while for Scribus to load all elements.

Besides that, taking a nice walk in fall is always an excellent way to reload your 'batteries'.  ;D


Yesterday I opened a document - an image magazine - with 138 pages and large photographs. On my 5 year old iMac it took around 5 minutes until everything was open and ready to be edited. I guess that's because Scribus needs to virtually import the images, and based on the size of the images, it might take a while. But rest assured - InDesign needs the same amount of time for 'linked' and 'embedded' images.


Just for the record, if your images are really making Scribus slow down, you can tell it to not display images by default for that file (File --> Document Setup --> Display --> uncheck "Display Images")

Scribus 1.4.0 on Windows Vista 32-bit