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I have run Windows 8 upgrade assistant.  It tells you what hardware and software is compatible with a Windows 8 upgrade.  One of the things it told me was that Scribus 1.4.1 is not compatible with Windows 8.  It said a paid update was available.  So here are my questions.  What release of Scribus will be Windows 8 compatible and is there a target date in mind?  Does anyone know what the paid option Windows 8 upgrade assistant is referring to?


hello randy

there aren't many apps in the windows store yet – i would wait at least a couple of months before considering of an upgrade. (it might be time for a sidegrade to ubuntu – no bigger step than to win 8...)
lots of applications may stay incompatible for a long time. microsoft will keep a barrier for free applications – a dangerous 'monopoly-play'...

i don't think, that there is a payed update for scribus – this must be a wrong information.



Quoteit might be time for a sidegrade to ubuntu – no bigger step than to win 8...

.. or perhaps consider a dual boot configuration.

windows 8 + ubuntu 12.04 LTS (or other linux distro)

Recommend that you do not take the option of installing ubuntu inside Windows but instead install into a separate partition or even in an external bootable USB drive.  Universal USB Installer in windows would help.


there is no paid update for scribus to windows 8.

and scribus is told to work correctly on windows 8.

if you're sure that you got such a message from your computer, please let it check for viruses and trojans.



Hello randylewiskemp
I first replied to - Installing Scribus on Win 8.1 - Started by JPfrmME - and I will give you what I said to him. You might find it interesting considering what - a.l.e - Global Moderator replied to you below.
I'm a newbie too. Joined yesterday. I was never allowed to download Scribus. I have a Dell Inspiron One 2020 - 8.1. My problem was Symantec. Norton stopped the d/l and deleted it. I have screen captures of all the threat boxes it gave me titled - File Insight - This threat has been removed - This file risk is High - but in the end I was directed to which gave me info on - Threat Name: Suspicious.Cloud.9 - Type:  Trojan, Virus. I figured that you would want this info and I still want to download Scribus. So what do you think?