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Is there a place where you can see planned future update features and are there more frequent updates of source code for linux than the compiled releases for windows 64.
There are a number of features I would like to see but would like to know what is planned.


Apologies for the late reply to this post but I've just noticed it. I must have missed it the first time round somehow.

You can find the 1.5.0 roadmap at This gives an overview of features and changes that could be in future versions of Scribus.

However, I'd like to add my two-penny-worth and propose that some thought is put into taking this a bit further. I'll explain...

I think it would be great if there was somewhere that non-developers could get more information - and in a non-techie way - about the new stuff that was in the pipeline.

For instance, in the 1.5.0 roadmap there's an entry for "Support for PDF 3D" which sounds fascinating but I'm not entirely sure what it means.

If there was some kind of "Coming Soon" area where the developers could tell everyone about what was happening, and even where users could comment on it (up to a point), I think it would be a good way of getting more people signing up to use Scribus. A case of "well, it doesn't quite do exactly what I want right now but if I start using it I'll get what I need later".

It might also get a few more developers on board if they could see there was something exciting happening and they wanted to join in.

I know it would be more work, creating the pages, updating with new information, moderating an extra forum area, or whatever, etc. But possibly someone who was looking to get into IT project management might be interested in volunteering their time for this sort of thing. It would be good experience for them at the very least.

I've always found that keeping users up-to-date makes them feel much more comfortable and ready for changes when they happen. And sometimes they even volunteer to help out so that they can "get the good stuff" earlier!

I'm sure that the replies to this post will range from "That's a good idea" all they way up to "GarryP you're an idiot!" but I really think that the extra effort could reap even larger rewards in the long term.

Anyway, that's my idea. Any comments anyone?