Cannot browse through folders when trying to save.

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I am using Scibus 1.4.1 on Windows Vista.
My daughter has invested quite a lot of time watching Scribus tutorials.  She intends using it for a newsletter she needs to produce on a regular basis.  It all seems like excellent software....until we actually try to save or open or import or export or insert or do anything that requires us to browse through our PC's folder structure.
For instance, when I do File>Save As, it brings up the dialogue box and the "Look in" contains the path name to the "Documents" folder.  However, displayed below that is a large white box where one might expect to see the contents of that folder.   Instead, it has "My Computer" and the user folder.  If I try clicking on either of those folders, it does nothing apart from alter the path name displayed in the "Look in" field.
I cannot find any way of browsing to anywhere that is not included in the drop-down list.
HELP!  What is going on?
Has anybody else ever seen this?  (I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Scribus.)
What should I do?



can you please try to follow the explanation in this older bug report?

this problem has been reported in the past, but -- as far as i know -- its causes could not be found.

it's probably related to something installed or defined on your computer, but it's hard to know what it could be.

all i can say is: it's very likely nothing directly related to scribus...
but without seeing your computer, it's hard to say more.

good luck!


I have the exact same problem on both my machines, one a 64 bit new Dell with Windows 8, the other an older Gateway using Ubuntu.  Very frustrating.  On my Ubuntu (a linux based OP) if I export as a PDF I find the PDF file stored under Files>home>name_of_file.pdf and I can then move it from that file to wherever I want it.  It should be capable of sending the file to whatever storage device you have connected.


Rod, do you mean that when you export to PDF you are not able to change the path for the PDF at the top of the dialog?


This sounds like an issue I had. I installed Scribus on two different machines running windows XP. On one I could see the folder contents in the file window, on the other I couldn't.

It turned out that the vertical divider between left and right panes was all the way over to the right, effectively closing the pane showing the folder contents. In addition to that the pointer icon did not change when hovering over draggable borders or dividers on the file operations window. (It took me about six months to figure this one out.)

That said, try dragging the right border of the single pane to the left. It may take a couple of tries to find the hot spot.

Hope this helps.



I  just setup my forum account to say "Thanks!" for this post.  I could not for the life of me figure out why I couldn't search my computer for files in Scribus.  This was the key.