Difference between "Vorlage" and "Musterseite"

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sorry that I have a subject with inserted German words. But I use the German version and don´t know the words in the English version, AND I´m new to Scribus. So please allow me this simple question where I really have problems to understand this.

With "Vorlage" I mean you can create a new document with the "Vorlage" in the file menu. With "Musterseite" I mean the function in the edit menu before the javascript function.

Is there someone who can tell me the difference or show me a place where I can read about it?

Thanks for your help.



Vorlage is just a complete document that is "copied" when you create a new document. The advantage of the function is that you do not accidentally overwrite the original vorlage.

Musterseite is Master Pages, a Master Page works as a background for a page, the content will be the same on all pages using the same Master Page (you can NOT use Master Pages as a template for page).

If what you are looking for is to be able to put a predefined group of objects onto a page, have a look at the Scrapbook (not sure what it is called in the German version).


in the german version the scrapbook is called 'bibliothek'.