Changes in text edit display are not imported into document

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when I create a text frame, open the text edit display, change there the default font and it´s size, enter text and click on the green arrow to import the text into the document, NO text styling is taken over, only the default style. So I have to go back to the text edit display, mark the entered text, enter the new styles and click again on the green arrow. Now the new style ist taken over.

Did you experience the same problem? Is the second approach really the right one from the beginning on? Thanks.



I think that is a know "glitch" of the story editor, changing the style only changes for the text currently highlighted. So changing and then typing the change will not be valid for the typed text.

The story editor is due for rewriting and the recommendation today is to try to avoid it. Double click the text frame to edit it "in place" instead.