text frames automatically with size content and problems with umlauts

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Im new in using Scribus and have two questions or rather problems with it.

First, how can I set text frames to automatically have the size of the content. I don't like to increase or decrease the size manually. Also don't get the minimal size by doing it manually.

Second, I have created a layout in LibreOffice using the font Narkisim. There I have umlauts 'öäü' but in Scribus I haven't, get only rectangles by copying text to Scribus and can't type them manually. How can I solve that?

I'm using WinXP.


Ok, there aren't umlauts in that font. LibreOffice just used an other font for that.

So one more problem to go ;)


Someone has written a script to reduce the text box size to fit the content. Note however that Scribus uses the font metrics to calculate whether the contents fit, so it will consider maximum ascenders and descenders intead of what currently is within the frame. This means you will most likely not get the frame as small was you want.

If the reason is that you want a border around the text, make the border separate from the text frame.

Or is there some other reason? I can't remember that I have had any problems with a frame being larger than the content, sometimes it can make other frames harder to select but then I just use the outline window to select it.


Its only that I don't like to always change size of the box when I add more text. And it looks strange to me to have a box much larger, than it needed to be.

If I want a border, as you said, I always have to change it size too. Thats a bit annoying to me. Where can I get the script? :)


There are a lot of scripts in the Wiki, I think this is the one:

(Since I've never used it I'm not sure, I just know I've read about it on the mailing list.)


That works. Thanks a lot.

Is it possible to more easily execute the script like with an hotkey?


a/ the script will (mostly/probably fully) be a feature in 1.6 when it will be released
b/ in 1.6 you will be able to assign keys to a script... sadly, it's not possible yet in 1.4.