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I am very new Scribus and fairly new to Linux. I'm using Ubuntu Maverick. I have install the latest development version. 1.4.0.rc2 and I'm trying to use the Latex feature.
The Wiki page for Scribus and Latex says:

"The incorporation of LaTeX is a work in progress, in other words, not completely implemented, and also is available only in the development versions of Scribus (1.3.5svn). "

I assumed that since I have a later development version that the Latex feature would be included but I can't find the math button described there at the link listed above. i don't even see 1.3.5svn listed.

Meho R.:
There is a "Insert Render Frame" button on toolbar, looks like a cog, next to "Insert Image Frame". This frame is used for LaTeX.

The "Insert Render Frame" has been around for awhile and I don't believe it makes a very nice final file. Even at 300dpi and viewing with Acrobat the image is blurry. It's like making a PDF from a gif or other lossy format. It doesn't produces a true vector output that's scalable to any size like with a Latex document made from a dedicated Latex compiler.
I believe the "Math button" feature is supposed to work by rendering the Latex in eps , SVG or other scalable format then insert it into the Scribus document, then finally export the whole document to PDF. I could do this manually but it would be very tedious for large documents.

Meho R.:
Frames with LaTeX code shouldn't be exported as images at all, but as text/vectors, of course. To get that, tick "Embed PDF & EPS Files (Experimental)" when saving your document as PDF.

warning removed, since it's outdated...


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