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I use in my document layers to have different language versions.

Until only German and English all done by myself.

Now is my translator for Spanish here.

So there will be soon the problem to merge together documents.

I continue to work on the English version
He creates the spanish version.

So I have soon the following problems:

Import all items on layer "Spanish" from his document

Merge attributes

For example there is a picture with attributes

Attribute picture "This is the English description of the picture

and he ads

Attribute picture_ES "This is the spanish description of the picture

So some sort of script should do this job


--- Quote from: founder on September 29, 2012, 03:16:01 pm ---I use in my document layers to have different language versions.

--- End quote ---

It would be helpfull to have a documentation about the XML document.

But all I found by Google

Document Structure for Scribus File Format as of V 0.8 (stable) 7 Oct. 2002 :o

Could somebody point me to a more actual version of the file structure?

one hint: don't mess with the .sla files directly :-)

i don't think that there is a real documentation for the file format.

but there are plans -- and work bing done -- to move to a new file format which will be documented (and will be real xml)

personally, going through some scripting (and eventually extend the scripter) seems to be a better way to solve your problems...



--- Quote from: a.l.e on October 15, 2012, 05:03:31 pm ---one hint: don't mess with the .sla files directly :-)

--- End quote ---

I just learned about this on the hard way.

The theory:

Take from my file all objects not spanish
Take from the translators file all objects in spanish
Merge them together.

Should work all fine, because only the TOC has chained text.
All text frames from the TOC are named

TOC02 and so on for the english TOC

TOC_ES02 and so on for the spanish TOC

The text flow was from TOC_ES to TOC_ES01 and so on.

So everything should work fine.

But they use not like expected the given names for the text flow chain

They use

So I completely messed up the text chain.

To cope with the situation: Unlink all text chain, for luck only used in the TOC
put all this items in the first part of the file, so the position number remains unchanged
at merge operations.
Exclude named frames from the spanish merge, so they remain at the same place

From what I understand that is the major problem with the old SLA format: It is not structured according to the layout but instead uses attributes for the structure.


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