sla files from mac to windows?

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My Mac died and I bought a PC. Can I move my existing .sla files into Windows 7?


Yes, you can, but remember that images are not included in the SLA, they are linked from external files. So you will have to move the image files too. And you might also have to tell Scribus the correct path to each of the image files.


I get a  "fatal error... not in an acceptable format" when I try to open the files that were created on the mac.


Do you know what version of Scribus you are using on Windows?

Also the version that you had on the mac, though I guess that doesn't matter now


It's a brand-new download of Scribus on the Windows 7 machine. It seems to work for the creation of new Scribus documents.

On the Mac, it was whatever version was current about a year ago for OSX 10.4-something.