Doubling of image in PDF

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After my earlier problem I've now finished my document and have saved it to PDF for distribution except when I proof the PDF The main image (which I created with the Polygon and then converted to an image frame) is now duplicated, overlayed and offset on top of itself.

I checked the original document using the Outline window and did find a duplicate image there (although it didn't show in the .sla) and removed it.  I then exported it again but the issue is still there in the PDF (i even renamed the PDF just in case there was an overwriting issue).

Can anyone help with some advice?

Many thanks!


a screen capture of the error is below...just because I can!

[attachment deleted by admin]


We can only dream about why it happens without sla file.
Please register to Scribus bug trucker and report that issue with upload of problematic sla file.