How to reinsert missing images?

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I am well aware of the fact that Scribus uses links to images in a certain folder related to the file, so when you move these images the link gets broken. It's easy this way because i can change the images without having to re-insert them into the file. On the other hand it's really annoying when i want to change the name of the file or move it altogether. The images disappear no matter how (and sometimes only a couple remain and others disappear)! This happens even when i move the folder with all the images along.
In Scribus there's an option to search for these images and re-insert them via Extra>manage images. But when i search for the missing files i cannot get the images in the folders to be found, instead it shows a complete blank folder. So this is no option for me to recover the images. I always end up having to redo all the images and it starts to annoy me as hell since i've got quite a few of these.
The other way around is that i open the original file, save it as a different file (in a possibly different folder) and move the images to this folder as well. But this cannot be the right way to do it i guess.
I'm using version (december 2008) so i'm guessing it's an old version. Am i missing out on all the fun with newer versions or am i missing out on an easier solution altogether>?


Christen_Anderson  :o :o :o

Yep, first upgrade to 1.4.1, the current stable version and see if that solves your problem  :)

Scribus 1.4.0 on Windows Vista 32-bit


hi boris

i'm not sure if i understand your workflow...
what are you moving around in your file system? the images or the .sla file or both of them?
i almost never move the .sla file of a work in progress. with the images, it's another story – sometimes i use images from different locations (volumes). in this cases i sometimes copy the whole project to a specific location with: 'file' → 'collect for output'. scribus puts a copy of the .sla together with all the images (and fonts and profiles if checked) i the selected directory...