[SOLVED] image problems when creating pdf for Print - no problem when using Web/Screen

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I'm using Scribus 1.4.1 Linux (great program).  I'm having problems with image color when creating PDFs for Print.  When creating the same pdf for Screen/Web they colors look fine.  Additionally, the images that are problematic are those that I have previously edited and saved with GIMP 2.8.

Here is an example of two images, one edited with gimp and the other not

Thanks for any ideas that you might have.


hi wayne

i need more infos:

  • gimp export format (jpg, png...)
  • color system (cmyk, rgb / with or without alpa channel) and color profile
  • generated pdf version (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, x-3)
  • export color profile in scribus
maybe we can help when we know this details...



A PDF created For Print will have CMYK colors, they will look different when viewed on screen.

Only use "for print" if you really need a CMYK PDF (in most cases you probably don't).


Wayne, the image looks like heavily modified in Gimp.

If you want to prepare a document for printing, you should convert the images in Gimp to CMYK - if it is possible.

Or you might ask your printer if you can submit a PDF X/3 file, which allows you to place RGB files directly in Scribus, and the RIP (raster image processor) of the printer will convert the images according to their requirements.

If you have a calibrated monitor you shouldn't see a big differences between an RGB and a CMYK image. It might look a tad more saturated in CMYK, that's all. But you image looks really weird to me - too much sharpening applied and a halo around the person.

Does Gimp already offer 16/48 bit image editing? If so, I'd turn it on and work in the 16/48 bit mode.