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Hi everyone,
my name's Piero, i'm from Italy. I was an Indesign user but i don't like Adobe and proprietary sw, so i'm trying to learn free sw for graphic uses.
I've 2 questions:
1) One of the most common shortcut i used in Indesign was the shift+crtl+click which selects an item of the Master page on a normal page. For exemple, i create a Master page with a red box, then i can simply change its color by selecting it with crtl+shift+click in a specific page or pages and then change it. I used it for text too, or for delete just some items of the Master Page without create an other Master page. Is there in Scribus a shortcut/button that do the same thing (or at least that unlocks all the Master page items)?
2) I usually use desktop publishing programs to change layout of pdf files (often made of dozens of pages). Is there an easy way to automatically create pages when i paste the text into the first text box (without create every single text box, connect each one and then paste)?

Thank you very much!


Master Pages in Scribus do not work the same way as in Indesign. In Scribus they currently only work as a background.

Have a look at the Scrapbook instead, you can have several Scrapbooks open at the same time and keep objects (and even groups of objects I think) in them for easy insertion into the pages.

I think what you are looking for is automatic text frames.


i'm not sure i like the idea of automatically created pages... but i agree that there should be a way to add a bunch of pages, until the whole text fits.

cezary has already extended the "overflow" box and the frame linking tool...
... i think that there is room for even more improvements!

personally, i'd like to have a context menu on the overflow box, with a choice to create new pages based on this page or this double page until the text does not overflow anymore...
so, you would prepare the double page with one or more linked frame per page, and when your finished launch the automatic creation of the following pages, based on the current page(s).

what do you think about it?



Thank you very much for answering.
I solved adding text box and then just copying and pasting.
I used Scribus to create a 50-pages book and it is great.   :)
Ciao ciao