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Things that might not be obvious:

* You must use  your email address to log on. This is deliberate as the spambots cannot see your email address, but they can see your username. By forcing the use of email addresses for logins we remove a brute force intrusion vector.
* Your password gets sent in  your welcome email in the clear, so use a temporary password when registering, then change it to something stronger in your profile. You must use at least 8 characters with mixed case and numbers.

Thanks for the help provided in this forum. This is a response to the request for new registrants to post at least once after registering.
There, I've done it. Looking forward to using Scribus and these forums.  :D

Can do three things in one mail :

1/ satisfy the requirement that as a newly registered member I post at least once;

2/ mention that the log-in screen had my user name pre-completed, which then needs to be replaced with the e-mail address;


3/ if the password is sent in clear type in an e-mail (mine wasn't on 17 Feb 2014) then it would be sensible to mention using a one-time simple password on the signing-up page?

As an afterthought : some forums have a "tell us about yourself" section where, when satisfying the initial post rule I can also let other forum members know a bit about me, my publication, and use of Scribus. The My Profile section is a bit sparse in this respect, beyond the obvious contact methods : allow me to add which other software is used, give some background?

hi ans-editor.

welcome in the scribus forum.

if you have any hint on way to implement your whishes with SMF (the forums engine we're using) please make a proposition in the "community / Scribus forums" section...

for your information:
- the "Advanced Profile Fields" plugin is installed and it may be a matter on activating/creating fields that you find useful.
- for the autofilled login, i'm not sure that we can do much (it probably depends on other forms you have filled in the past...)
- for the password sent in clear, i'm not sure that i understand what you're asking for... but if there is a security "hole" i will be pleased to help closing it!

have a nice evening


In one of the first posts regarding how to use this forum, it is mentioned that the initial password is
sent "in the clear", why it is suggested to later change to another password.
However when logged in to the forum, the http protocol is used, why the communication is still not safe if  I'm
right. Are there any plans to move to https?




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