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Dear Scribus users,

I am developping PDF documents including fields, which should be linked to other fields, and I am not able to perform the javascript programm todo the following task on my own :

I need a first listbox field in which the enduser has to select an option among others. According to this first choice, he would have a second listbox field, in which the different options woud vary according to the response to the first one. Could somebody help me to write the basis of such a programm, as I am not experienced in javascript programming?

Examples of the choice of the first listbox : choiceA  choiceB  choiceC
examples of the second list box : choiceA1 choiceA2 choiceA3 if selected choiceA
choiceB1 choiceB2 choiceB3 if selected choiceB from the first listbox

Thank you so much for your help