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Why is it so GD hard to install this?

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Okay - I'm pretty much a casual Linux user.  I have no trouble installing stuff from terminal, adding repos, whatever.  But when I try to do it that way I get a message telling me about cmake.  However when I try and do cmake instead of ./configure like every other single package I've ever installed, it just tells me about what commands I can do or whatever.  I don't know what to do, and it's not in the readme or in the more than sufficient googling I've done.  I just want to do ./configure, make, make install.  Nope. 

So I decided to say fuck that method, I'll install through Ubuntu Software Center.  Well the repo that it has by default has like version 1.3 or something, so I decided to change that around.  However, when I try to install it I get the following error (doesn't matter if I'm installing stable or ng):
Failed to fetch Hash Sum mismatch
Failed to fetch Hash Sum mismatch

What do I do?  I just want to make a flyer..


--- Quote from: irritated on May 29, 2012, 03:46:15 am ---I just want to do ./configure, make, make install. 

--- End quote ---

Well, that only works with the "old" make, but the Scribus developers have switched to cmake.

Here's information on how to compile Scribus using cmake:

And if you want to install from the Scribus repos:

if you read

you will probably notice that you have missed that step.

basically: from time to time, there are people telling us that they have problems with the hashes, but almost every time the cause is an error somewhere on their system.

since most people like to share their problems but are not kind enough to share the solutions they've found, i can't point you to a list of way you could solve your problem. but it's very likely on your side :-)

and compiling scribus is not really an option for somebody who just wants to create a flyer.
in the worst case, just use the version ubuntu is providing you and if it's enough for you...
upgrade to the newest one, only if you hit a problem.
(well, it *is* better to use newer versions, but if you just want to achieve your goal, maybe you can do it with an older one...)

good luck!

Have the same problem on Debian Stable. I've added the signature key first manual and then automated way. Problem persists.
Then went to check the hashes and there really is a "Hash Sum mismatch"
In the Packages file ( the MD5sum hash for libpodofo0.9.0 package is 5929e2b6b07c1fdfe292956d9fe2815e
The MD5sum hash of downloaded libpodofo0.9.0 package is 153169e35929e2b6b07c1fdfe292956d

The hashes for scribus package match.

libpodofo packages have been rebuilt and uploaded to both repositories.


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