Weird color on upload to printing service

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Here's my situation: I'm designing a business card in Scribus. I'm using GIMP to handle the graphics, and I'm using Scribus to handle the text and export to a pdf.  When I open up the pdf file, it looks fine, exactly how I want it to look. When I upload it to my online printing service, the top line looks pink.

Here's a link to the actual pdf file I'm creating.

And here is a screenshot of the how it looks on my printing service.

I've tried recreating the pdf file and re-uploading it to the service a few different times. Is this my problem, or the problem of the printing service?  If it matters, that top line uses the Rokkit font, and the rest of the card uses Ubuntu. Let me know if you need other information. Thanks in advance for helping me out with this situation.


Is all text set to the same color?

My first guess would be that one is set with RGB white and the other with CMYK white.


Thanks for your reply. I checked the colors on all of the text boxes, and that line was indeed set to a different color. I changed them all to the same one, just "white".  The output in the resulting pdf looks great when I open it up on my computer. However, when I upload it to this printing service, now that line is completely gone! Is there a difference between CMYK white and RGB white? Where do I look within Scribus to find out?


Yes, there is a difference between CMYK white and RGB white, it will be handled differently depending on color management. You you don't use color management or know your printer wants a CMYK PDF I guess you should stick to RGB colors (three vertical bars in the icon, CMYK colors have four squares in the icon).

But this would not make the text disappear. My guess now is that it is a matter of transparency. Check the opacity settings for the text.