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Hello everybody,
I'm a bit at a loss. I downloaded a few months ago the version (beta if I remember well), end I produced documents with it. Now, I want to share them and work on them with colleagues, but the only stable version is and 1.4 is still beta and in trial...
So my colleagues cannot open what I have done.
Why has my version so disappeared? Can anyone explain to me?
I can't ask them to take the 1.4 beta version, which is not stable.

When you install 1.3.5 it wasn't stable also. 1.4 is direct successor of 1.3.5 and will be new stable version in 1-2 weeks (I hope).
While application evolution often files from new versions are not compatible with old versions of application. Also with Scribus - you cant open files from 1.3.5 and above in 1.3.3.x.
But 1.4 should be able open files from 1.3.5 (and vice versa) - if isn't this is bug needed report in bug trucker (best with sla file upload).
As 1.4.0 is very near to stable release don't afraid his "unstable" name. It has many bugs resolved and new cool features added (like text edit undo/redo). I am using it (unstable versions) all the time in real production tusks without problems.

OK, thanks. I'll try the 1.4, hoping to solve my problems.
I'm glad the undo/redo option is now possible. It was really upsetting.
Maybe you could try also to simplify the use of bullets (with automatic indentation, for instance).

Unfortunately, I'm not at all competent on software programming, so I can't help. But I'll make suggestions.
Thanks to all of you working on this software.


--- Quote from: Dadup on May 10, 2011, 10:36:35 am ---Maybe you could try also to simplify the use of bullets (with automatic indentation, for instance).
--- End quote ---

Recently someone wrote a script for bullets. It is on the wiki. Sorry I don't have the link, but hopefully you can find it.


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