Export to EPS, the results are incorrect

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I have the latest ghostscript (9.05), and the latest Scribus (1.4.1).  I downloaded both less than an hour ago. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

I use File/Export/Save as EPS... then I open a new Scribus document and use File/Import/Get Vector File to verify the results.  The top portion of the page looks OK, but the middle and bottom portions are poorly aligned.  I have tried selecting only the objects in the .sla file prior to exporting, and that made no difference (not that it should, but it was something to try).

Note that this .sla file has text attached to the path of a circle and that is one thing that is misaligned.  But other lines and portions of circles are also misaligned

I've attached both the .sla and .eps files.  Oops, I'm not allowed to upload the .eps file...

What should I do?  Thanks,


I now have another file without circles and text that is attached to the path of a circle, and that file works well exported to EPS then imported to EPS in Scribus.  Though it will not open in FreeFileViewer by Bitberry Software: http://www.freefileviewer.com/formats.html.

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