Scribus 1.5 SVN Windows Build

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is there anybody out there who already built a 1.5 version of scribus for windows?

Would be very appreciated if someone could upload such a version.



That is what I need, SVN windows build.


Colleagues, I am facing a publishing deadline and would just love to be able to publish using Scribus instead of having to use In-Design.  AS I learned from your forums, 1.5vsn successfully imports In-Design idml format files, which is the In-Design export format.  But of course earlier versions of the program such as I have installed can't read them.  So a kind user converted my blank template files already but now I can't open them!  To tell you the truth, I don't know if there is 1.5vsn for Windows. Is the code at the bottom of these steps useable in Windows?

If you go here:
and click on Development Release it doesn't seem to show any 1.5vsn at all.  It seems to show an old development release (?) at the 1.4 level. 
This link, however, seems to have some information:
You presumably follow this link:;path=%2Ftrunk%2F&#a0b40758157c8f16fa703ca3be466fa8a
That is where I'm stumped!  What do I do now?  I'll post this to forum as well.  Any help much appreciated! - Mike


Files created with 1.5 can not be read by earlier versions, so it wouldn't work.


Yes, I have 1.4 installed now and can't read the 1.5svn files that another member of this forum converted from In-Design for me. Thus I want to download and install 1.5svn, but I'm stumped about how to do that , once I get to the final link in my June 4 post.


There is no installer for 1.5 since it's not a finished version. 1.5 is work in progress.