How to translate "color wheel"?

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I'm fixing some improper translations of the UI.

For "color wheel", I would like to ask what it wants to express.

For the color operation, I think it expresses similar to the steering wheel of a car, which is used for the driver to operate the direction of the car manually. Therefore, the Chinese translation should take the steering wheel of a car as a reference for understanding.

Currently, the simplified Chinese translation for color wheel, the direction is basically the wheels of the car, that is, the four tires that turn on the ground, such as photoshop, or gimp. Krita translates wheel as similar to circular ring.

I don't think the best one is "Tires, four wheels".

Can anyone tell me in which direction I should translate "color wheel"?


In doubt, I would take Wikipedia as a reference:

This having been said, if you want to improve how people are using the term, I would dare to say that the model for it is more this type of wooden wheel

rather than the wheel of a car.

There is also an experience that you can do, where you let a wheel painted in the colors of the rainbow turn very fast and you will see a white surface.

It's probably this type of wheel.
It's more a disc than a wheel.


Wow, I like the "wooden wheel".

Yes, I think the "circle" and "disk" are functionally closer to the current color wheel.