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Hi all

I have experience with MS Publisher and LibreOffice Draw, but there's a lot in this software I don't understand yet.

I'm working on a book that is pretty graphics intensive and I'd rather spend my time writing and designing than learning new software from scratch. Therefore, I used the default book template for starting my document.

I've been able to fumble my way to some successes, but am feeling annoyed that the page count starts with "Chapter 1" and shows that it's the 13th page. It is only the 13th page if you count the cover and all the other TOC and such pages that come before.

I tried messing about with master pages but didn't have any success worth reporting... I changed it to page one for "Chapter 1" but then it changed it to page 1 for the first page of all successive chapters.

Any tips or tricks would be helpful... It's amazing that such versatile, powerful software is free, but hopefully it turns out to be easier to use than it looks at first glance. I suspect I'll be here frequently asking newbie questions.



I don't follow exactly.
Some times it helps to post up a simplified sample file that demonstrates any issues.


You should use Sections to structure the pagination. Here is a good video on the topic:
Hope it helps!
Regards, S.


Go to the file menu/document setup, in the window that opens look for the entry "Sections"
There you will find the settings for the page numbering, what page to start on and what starting page number to us, and what style to use.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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Thanks folks! It wasn't super-self-explanatory once I got to the Sections menu, but I got it solved with a minimum of fussing.

Thanks again!