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i'm struggling around with importing word tables into scribus.
Can someone tell me how this can be done in best way?

The table has 7 rows, and 5 columns and it's very annoying to play around with all 35 text boxes that Scribus creates.
Isn't there something like a autofill / autosize functionality for tables?

thx for your help


There is no easy way to get tables from any word processor or spreadsheet into Scribus. I use one of two methods, one of which requires LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org. (You can download and install them for free.)

1) From Word print the table to file. Do this by selecting the table and then Print Selected. Or copy and paste the table into a blank document. If you are on Windows printing to file will create a file with the extension .prn, but it is really a Postscript file. Rename the .prn file to .ps. In Scribus do Import Vector File. This will place the table into your Scribus document as a vector image. Note that you cannot really edit very well, because all the text and other artifacts will be converted to vector images.

2) Open the file in LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org. Copy the table and paste into a Draw document. Save the draw image as an .eps graphic. Place this graphic in Scribus the same as above.

Real tables are on the roadmap for Scribus, but I haven't checked lately what the progress has been.
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I would add a third method, which is actually similar to the one with .prn and .ps John mentioned, but with (1) exporting to PDF instead of printing to .prn/.ps, (2) importing that PDF file in Scribus via Image Frame as you'd do for images in general (3) and, finally, when exporting to PDF from Scribus, in "Save as PDF" dialog checking "Embed PDF & EPS files". The advantage of this approach is that text in tables will remain exactly that: text, meaning it will be searchable in the final output.