[SOLVED] Scribus 1.6.2 was not able to compile on Debian 12

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Scribus 1.6.2 compiled successfully on Fedora 40 and Ubuntu 22.04, but failed on Debian 12.

Scribus 1.6.1 compiled without any problem on Debian 12.

Any suggestion?

By the way, I'm just an end user, not a developer.


you will need to share the error message.

you can paste it in a text file and attach it to a post.



sometimes, i wonder if people have lost the skill to copy paste text and only can do screenshots : - )

anyway, for the little that is visible in the screenshot, i would say that this is not a "typical" error due to missing dependencies.

i googled the error "against hidden symbol pkgcontext" and this is what i've found:


since you're compiling a release version of scribus, instead of using a binary (packaged by your distribution or in the appimage), i wonder if you also have a self compiled python, with incompatible flags (as the stackoverflow answer hints).

another source for the issue, could be that you're mixing old and new compiled files, while having had an update of system installed libraries...
but you seem to use a "scribus-1.6.2" which seems to hint to a newly created directory.


I installed a Debian 12 virtual machines yesterday and managed to build Scribus 1.6.2 on it successfully. But Debian 12 comes with Python 11, not 12, so I also suspect a custom Python, presumably built without -fPIC option.


Thanks a.l.e and jghali, you're right.

I have a self compiled version of Python (3.12.3), everything works as expected when I remove it.

I'm a long time Scribus user, I use it to make photo books, postcards, posters and zines. I'm used to compiling Scribus myself just to make sure I can use Scribus no matter what OS I have.

Thank you for your great help.


I recompile Python 3.12.4 myself with the "-fPIC" option and install it on Debian 12, then recompile Scribus 1.16.2 and it works fine.

jghali, thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it.