Preferences gray out for 1.6.1 on Mac Sonoma

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I haven't used Scribus on Mac for quite a while. I updated to Scribus 1.6.1, and the preferences button grayed out (unclickable).

I deleted the ~/Library/Preferences/Scribus and let the program create the files once again. Same. The System Preferences-Security is checked. No warning. So the program should have no problem on disk i/o. Does anyone have ideas of the causes?

For the time being, I downgraded back to 1.5.8, which is the last working version for me. The Preferences button comes back and functions normally.


Hi.. What Preferences button are you referring to? We don't have Preferences on the Scribus toolbar so I am not sure what you mean?


I'm sorry for not making it clear. For the 'preferences button' I referred to where one can change the settings of icons, shortcuts, interfaces, etc. ... I am using the Chinese version, and I supposed 'preferences' is the word in English. It is not a button but an item in the 'Scribus' menu on the top bar in Mac OS. The keyboard shortcut to open the preference window is COMMAND+,
However, neither way works. I will try to find a host to upload a screenshot.


Just realize that images can be attached ...

Here is the screenshot. The red box indicates the unclickable preferences. I hope the item can be told from the shortcut denotation on the side despite the Chinese interface.


I'd suggest trying to run Scribus in English as a test. You can do that from the command line eg "scribus -l en".

Or in the prefs150.xml (example name), check for similar text:
                <context name="user_preferences">
                        <attribute key="gui_language" value="en_US"/>

Having ensured Scribus is closed, change the value there as above, and reopen Scribus.