Scribus user interface lack behind

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my workplace-
~100k+ circulation newspaper agency (very new: 2022 founded)
We publish a small ~30 to 40 page magazine on sunday along with it
I work with 1 other co-worker(also my friend) on that magazine(we only work on designing not on content)

This year, I even managed my current workplace default dtp to switch from indesign to scribus cause me and that my co-worker friend have good experience as we have (worked on/published) 10+ big form magazines/books.
Working in scribus, only thing working on feel very unintuitive is its user interface which looks like 2000s. even, many editors and managers usually come to our desk and we show them progress and all, we regularly gets poked about its user interface, how everything looks/feel.
I looked at AFFINITY Publisher, and it made me very furious that we are lacking behind in that aspect, i am a very open source attached guy so shifting i am delaying as on paper it works for me.
i am currently working on 1.6.1 and my question here is, is there a version for which scribus roadmap has set to overhaul its user interface. havent look at 1.7.
please reply and also if you are scribus developer, would love your view. Ty for Scribus