Scribus Suggested as a Way to Create a Layered Document With Controls forLayers

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I'd like to create a document with two or three layers that I'd like the ability to toggle the visibility of each layer on and off, maybe adjust transparency, color, etc as well.

The layers would be image files and basically a very old map and another current map and perhaps aerial photos, etc.

I'd also like it viewable (with working controls) so people could view it with just a pdf viewer (maybe a specific on) or perhaps a browser.

My image started out as a TIF file for one and a vector file for the other (the current map). I have them in QGIS and toggle them on and off, as I'd like but really can't share them with anyone unless they too want to install QGIS.  QGIS allows me to export layers as layered geo pdfs however, sort of. It works if the layer is a vector file, but not for a raster file like a TIFF.

It sounds like with Adobe Acrobat Pro this can be done, but it relies on a lot of Javascript coding I know nothing about and Adobe support and their support community is not very helpful.

It's been suggested that this can be done with Scribus. I've just looked around a little and see I can have controllable layers within Scribus. I don't see any way to add a control to a document. I do see that I can enter javascripts. Just searching the web I saw some mention of plugins for various things for Scribus, but in looking over the options I haven't found any listings for plugins. So maybe that is something that no more.

I also want the image files stored in the document or saved as local files. I had looked into doing things totally with javascript but I was told it won't work with local files as a security measure by design.

Thanks for any knowledge or helpful info in advance.