Odt import - Paragraph styles are imported, but not linked to the paragraph.

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I am trying to import a document written in Libre Office writer (current version) using styles.
Importing the text into scribus, imported the text and the styles.
The document looks correct but each paragraph is linked to the "default paragraph style".
The main reason I edited the document in writer in the first place is because styling a document in scribus is a pain in the backside.

Is this expected behaviour?
Is there anything I can try?

I have tried the scribus 1.6.1 and today's git/master. if that helps.


not sure I understand what you want
you want each paragraph to have it's own style when you impot it?
try adding a style in LibreOffice befor you import it, maybe then it will import with a seperate style


I had the document set up with styles in LibreOffice Writer. The body text, is "text body", headings are "heading 1", "heading 2" etc and so on.

When I import that document into scribus:

The text gets imported and looks right.
The styles get imported.
The text is not linked to the styles in any way, the style in the story editor etc shows "default Paragraph style" as the style linked to every paragraph in the imported document.


Have you check via the style window? (press F4) are the styles listed under the default style?
And just to check have you tried importing RTF of HTML versions of your text from LibreOffice?
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist


All the styles are listed under the 'default paragraph style' in the style manager.

RTF - does not import styles at all.
HTML - imports a small subset of styles and links them.
DOCX - imports all paragraph styles partially (things like typeface are not imported), styles are linked to paragraphs (so yay for that), character styles are not imported and all character style based formatting is lost.

So far DOCX is the least amount of work, but is still a significant amount of work for a document with both character and paragraph styles.


I have seen the exact behavior described here for .odt and .docx files. I tested on both Windows 10 and Linux.

I used version 1.4.x for many years, and .odt files imported nicely, with paragraph styles correctly associated with the text. Unused styles were not added to the Scribus file.

Now I'm trying to use 1.6.2, and find importing .odt files unusable. Is there any chance the Open Document import can be restored to its 1.4.7 functionality, or at least work as well as the DOCX import?

I see a similar question from January ("Import text with style, but only the used styles'), but do not see if it resulted in any change.

[This is my first post. I joined the forum to see if there is a fix to this problem, and was pleased to see someone else shares my experience.]