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Importing complete PDF pages

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hi transalpler,

do you have ghostscript installed?

if you put a pdf in an image frame, you need ghostscript...

if yes, are you sure that what you are loading is a pdf? ... just guessing


if you are importing .pdf files (and check the 'embed pdf & eps files' box to prevent the files from rendering to pixel images), keep in mind, that they should already have the final color profile (at least for color sensitive artwork…)


Hi a.l.e.

That would be the problem - i just installed Ghostscript yesterday - so maybe a reboot will be neccessary.

@utnik: I'm just creating a little brochure for an anniversary of a choir - most of the pdf's are advertisments from our sponsors - so it won't become a kind of artwork.... ::)


--- Quote from: Meho R. on May 01, 2012, 11:51:28 pm ---If "Embed PDF and EPS files" checkbox is ticked in "Save as PDF" dialog, text from included PDFs would be treated as text and thus searchable, and vectors will not be rasterized, but rather remain vectors.

javierdl, if by "working layout" in Inkscape you mean creating design elements, background or draft of a page which are starting points or inputs for creating final layout in Scribus, that's fine. But keep in mind that Inkscape is still just a vector editor and hasn't much of a typographical or layout capabilities. Depending on complexity of the design you create in Inkscape, you can try saving the file as SVG and import it in Scribus via "File > Import > Get Vector File". You can even edit imported shapes in Scribus. If that doesn't work well, then do as Christen suggested.

--- End quote ---

Where is this "Save as PDF" dialog? I don't see it when I import the PDF into an image frame. I made the PDF from Inkscape so I also tried to import SVG with the method you suggested however it tells me there are some unsupported features and the document doesn't get imported correctly.

hi xariann

we are talkaig about the window which pops up after the 'preflight verifier' when you export your final .pdf file.
it's the same as 'file' → 'document setup' → 'pdf export'…



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