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I write here, but I'm not sure it is the right place.
I've discovered in the "insert - character" menu, the voice "page number" that is what I'm looking for. I've inserted it and it works as I thought.

Now I'm still searching a variable to insert the DATE of today.
Do it exist? I've looked around on a search engine but I don't ding it, just some workaround.
Is this the right way?

Thank you



From what I can tell there isn't one, yet. Perhaps in the upcoming 1.6 release..
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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you ask questions...

on the one side: scribus does not have a way to add a date field that gets automatically updated.

there are reasons for it.

but there are a few ways to add a date in a scribus document:

- add it to a header / footer in the master page,
- use a pattern / symbol,
- use a variable text.
- (there might be more ways...)

which one is the best one for you, depends on what exactly you plan to do with the date (and how you define today)

i'm taking notes in:


I have tried inserting a variable text mark in several places and it works correctly, even when you use different text styles in each place (changing font or alignment to left-centred-right).

But I can't manage to apply "align text forced justified" to the variable text markup.

Is it possible to apply "align text forced justified" to a variable text markup?


I want to create running footer with content based on text in specific paragraph styles.

I was going to start a new topic, but since this is related, I'll try it here. I want to know if the date variable was worked out, and if so, know if this is possible yet with the "Marks > Variable Text" feature.

I'm trying to use Marks for variable text in order to have a running footer which contains a specific name based on whatever text was last assigned a specific paragraph style. It's something that's in InDesign, but I've finally freed myself of Adobe with all FOSS (Inkscape, GIMP, Kdenlive, Audacity, & Scribus). This is the one sticking point.

Use Case > Anthology Example:

These are two of the paragraph styles in the document: "Content Author", "Content Title"

On each master page is:

Running Footer
%AUTHOR_NAME% | %page_number%

Running Header
%POEM_TITLE% | [Anthology Title]

%AUTHOR_NAME% represents whatever last text was in the paragraph style "Content Author", %POEM_TITLE% represents whatever text is next formatted in the "Content Title" paragraph style.

Most everything else is in either the paragraph style "Poem Text" or "Prose Text."

Is this possible? Or am I out of luck?


oh wait, I'm realizing that the variable text as a mark feature is only meant for manually added text content. So I guess that I would need to write a script. I'll take a look at the documentation for the API and see what I can put together. I'll share what I come up with. If anyone has any ideas, post them here.