Best way to use images and photos in Scribus

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I'm new to Scribus and I'm making a 40-odd page Installation Guide for a physical product. I have lots of graphics created in a CAD system, plus jpgs and photos. I build a draft of the manual using Mac Pages and the file size is huge (you couldn't email it), and if I compress the PDF the images are all very fuzzy.

The manual will be exported to PDF and used digitally only, not printed. It will be downloaded from a website and send via email.

Some basic questions.

1. Should I edit my images outside of Scribus? If yes, how large should they be in pixels? The images are about 3" wide in the document -- it's a two column document.

2. Should I export my CAD files to PDF, jpg, or svg before importing them to the Scribus document? What is best for crisp quality and reasonable file size?

3. What about photos? Is there are a target size that looks good and doesn't make the final PDF huge?

Any tips in general for graphics?



you should probably export your images in pdf or svg and import them into scribus as vectors.

then, the pixels won't matter...

and if the svgs/pdfs exported from the cad are "light", then the pdf created by scribus won't probably be too heavy either.