[SOLVED] Setting paragraph break in style

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Very new to Scribus (version 1.4.7) and I am having trouble with getting a style correct. Don't seem to be able to get a narrow break between paragraphs. Not matter if I even type in a 0.50 it is still a large one.

Am I missing something?? ;D

Also, when I move a text frame it sometimes puts a space at the top even though I don't have a space set in the style its when I adjust the height etc


probably, the "problem" is that you have activated the baseline grid, which forces the text to align to it.

if you really want a space after that paragraph you need to:

- disable the alignment to the baseline grid for the next paragraph, or
- define a space below that is a multiple of the baseline grid

depending on the reasons why you choose to activate the baseline grid, you might want to mark the new paragraphs with an indent rather than a space above.