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I have been working on a document that's about 120 pages long. The main font for the document is Times New Roman Regular. I have just copied a text frame from another document (written in Ariel Regular) and pasted it into the one I'm working on now. This seems to have changed the TNRR font for the entire document (about 12 text frames) into Ariel Regular. This creates a lot of work for me as there are words throughout the entire document which I had changed to Times New Roman Italic, so it looks like I need to edit the entire document again from scratch. Is this a known issue? Any magic solutions?? I'm using a MacBook Air with Apple M1, OS Sonoma 14.5. Thanks.


maybe somehow the default paragraph style got switched when you copied the frame?


You copied the frame, and not the text in the frame?
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Yes, I had copied the frame, not the text in the frame. I've found a workaround now. I removed Arial from the fonts and then when I reopened the document I was prompted that it was missing a font and I could change it to the correct one. But it's worrying that it happened.